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Gulf Coast

The Kayakers went 23-7 in the last month with a .286 team batting ave and 2.71 team era. Yet, it took an instance of poor usage management by Longmeadow to propel the team into the top spot. M Buehrle was 4-1 with a 2.38 era, and M Scherzer was 4-1 with a 3.98 era. P Goldschmidt was a beast as he hit .416, scored 34 runs, hit 10 homers, and had 27 rbi. Playing in a pitcher’s park didn’t stop this beast from winning the league’s batting championship! M Carpenter hit .274 with 10 homeruns and 34 rbi. That rbi count pulled him 1 rbi ahead of VAT’s Cespedes to lead the league! Gulf Coast is an all around solid team, one could call it a super team in our league, as it doesn’t have any apparent weaknesses. The team is #2 in batting ave, and team era. It would have been nice to see them matched up with Vatican City in round 1, where we would have seen the top two homerun hitting teams duking it out. Instead we’ll see them battle it out with the Westies. Gul comes in as the favrites, as they have a winning record against every team in the league.... Except for the Truckers.


After a 23-7 August, the Truckers stepped it up and had an astounding 24-6 record in September. While tied for the best record in the league, the team fell to second place because of over-usage. This means they will face the team with the most power in the league (Vatican City) in round 1. But don’t be afraid for Longmeadow’s chances, as they do pretty good for themselves: last month J Arrietta was 4-0 with a 1.32 era and ended up leading the league in wins with 22. Rookie S Matz was 5-0 with a 1.80 era. J Bautista batted .341 with 24 runs, 13 homeruns, and 33 rbi. C Blackmon was solid with a .302 ave with 21 runs and 23 rbi. T Frazier was a bit off, hitting .239 but had 21 rbi. The Truckers lead the league with a .281 team ave, and also lead with a 2.75 team era. So, with a team era under 3, Longmeadow seems poised to win a consecutive Championship. The last manager to do that was Ed Daley, who did it 10 years ago, in 2006.

Vatican City

The Cardinals limped into the post season with a 14-16 Sept. record. M Harvey was acquired during the season, finally came up and laid an egg: going 0-4 with a 3.52 era. J Niese was 2-4 with a 7.28 era. P Fielder hit .303 with 18 runs and 21 rbi, and he got help from C Gonzalaz who batted .265 with 18 rbi. But N Walker (.225) and C Granderson (.227) went cold for the month. This is a team of “good News-Bad News” this year. While the team was a solid third in the league in era with a 3.55 mark, the collective starter’s era was a not so impressive 4.05. And while the batting average of .260 was 6th in the league, offense is the team’s main strength: 4 batting spots (numbers 3-6 in the lineup) had players hit 30+ homeruns there throughout the season. The power has to show up the for the team in round 1, and the starters haven to pitch effectively to get to the team’s bullpen.

Hell's Kitchen

The Westies saved their best for last as the team went 19-11 and proved me a bad fortune teller, as the team moved up 2 spots and into the playoffs. The Sept team era of 2.96 carried them as C Heston went 5-1 with a 2.54 era. B Harper hit .321 with 19 runs, 9 homeruns and 26 rbi; Harper finished the season as the homerun champion, Congratulations! B Crawford hit .314 with 19 rbi. I’m glad to see M Texiera back in the playoffs as he batted .273 w/21 runs and 15 rbi last month. Hell’s Kitchen goes into the playoffs as the team with the fewest homeruns out of the 4 (Story of my life in this league!), so the pitchers will need to keep the team in the game, and hope for some timely homeruns in the later innings. Then, bring in the team’s super weapon, A Chapman, who lead the league in saves with 44. And with a team era of 3.71 which was good enough for 4th in the league, the team definitely has a chance as they face the league leading Kayakers.


The Windburns went 18-12 in Sept, but it could not shake off a horrible August, and Florida just missed out of a playoff spot. The team era of 3.38 last month was helped by MadBum who went 4-1 with a 2.78 era; However, Z Grienke was just 2-2 with a fine 2.25 era. J Peralta hit .333 with 14 runs and 13 rbi, and A Eaton batted a robust .333 with 17 runs and 18 rbi. The team’s third best batting average could not offset the team’s league worse .688 X-chart fielding %. All those extra hits aided by the bad fielders took a team that had Kershaw/Grienke/Madbum in it’s rotation and made it just the 5th best era with a 3.82 era. This team still has some life to it, and I expect it to be right up there next year...


After 2 months of .500 ball, the Groundhogs ran out of steam and went 11-19 in Sept and they fell with a thud out of playoff contention. A 4.81 team era was not helped by A Vizcaino and his 0-4, 7.15 era, nor S Miller’s 4.43 era and 2-4 record. Surprisingly, the two workhorses, J Lester (0-3; 5.82) and J Cueto (0-3; 5.67) were pretty bad last month. A Beltre hit a nice .315, but only scored 8 runs to go with 9 rbi; K Davis hit .306 with 16 rbi. F Galvis hit .222 and B McCann .225. The ‘Hogs hit more homeruns in their home park than any other team in the league, but a horrible sept tipped the scales where the team gave up more homeruns than it hit. It’ll be interesting to see if this team has one more run left in them...

Woodland Hills

The Chompers went 15-15 in their last month of 2016 and climbed up 2 spots to 7th best in the league. J Locke was 4-2 with a 4.85 era, and M Bolsinger was 3-2 with a 2.85 era. J Uribe batted .302 with 13 runs and 16b rbi. Woodland Hills finished the year with the 3rd worse team era, and 4th worse batting average, so it’s a testament to Manager Bricker to get this team to the 7th best record. Of course, he was helped by G Stanton and his .322 seasonal ave with 42 homeruns and 80 rbi in just 266 at bats. Imagine what this card would have done if we had no at bat limits.  


The Rockers stayed in the 8th spot despite having a 14-16 record in Sept. A team era of 3.75 last month was anchored by N Syndegard who went 3-2 with a stellar 1.66 era. J Shields imploded by giving up 14 homeruns in his 12 starts, and was left with a 3-6 record and 4.63 era. J Votto hit .366 and scored 24 runs, but only had 11 rbi. D Lemahieu hit .276 with 18 rbi. If he gets a 1 next year, Rocky will have as much fun playing him as I did playing Gordon this year. E Inciarte batted .330 last month. Next year, Rocky hopes to add another impact bat with M Trumbo roaming the outfield. Now, if he can only get some help for Syndegard...


The Swingers dropped 2 spots with a 14-16 Sept record as the Cabreras stunk up the joint: A Cabrera hit .147, and M Cabrera .230. G Parra played nice as he hit .306, but somehow managed only 4 runs and 7 rbi. Old man A Ramirez said goodbye to a great Swinger carreer with a .259 ave, 6 homeruns, and a team leading 15 rbi last month. M Estrada pitched like the ace he is, going 3-1 with a 2.08 era; but the 4.54 team era last month was awful. C Bettis was 0-3 with a 5.40 era. I came into this year wanting to bolster the offense, and for the most part I did that as the team was 5th in team batting. However, it was a frustrating and disappointing season as the Swingers had a better team batting ave and era than the Rockers and Chompers (its L.A. Rivals), yet somehow still managed to end up with a worse record.


Montreal went 15-15 as the offense perked up to a .241 Sept average. J Altuve finished strong, batting .363 w/19 runs, and T Tulowitski hit .280 with 16 rbi. M Byrd lead the team in rbi last month with 20, but he hit a weak .213. K Bryant was awful, hitting .193 with 2 homers andn 11 rbi. As for pitching, usually a strength for the Expos, M Fiers was 3-1 with a 4.10 era. But J Nelson (3-3; 4.78) and Y Gallardo (1-4; 5.19) ran out of steam. Surprisingly, the pitching staff lead the league in walks allowed, but still had a fine team era, 3.86, fifth best in the league. And with a young core of Altuve, Yelich, Bryant and O Herrera, maybe this team will be going places next year.

Avila Beach

Avila Beach again went 7-23 last month as the pitching imploded: D Phelps went 0-6 with a 7.24 era; J Williams 1-3 with a 6.99 era; A Bradley had some growing pains as he went 1-3 with a 4.00 era; but I Kennedy may have run into hard luck as he went 1-3 with a 3.83 era. A Pagan had a good month, batting .341 with 12 runs; and E Herrera (rub it in, you bastard!) led the team with 16 rbi last month. C Ruiz hit .221 with 15 rbi. This team was next to last in both batting ave and pitching, so there is a lot of work to do for next season. Trea Turner will surely help wherever he plays, but the staff will need someone to step up and replace M Harvey (even though he was injured).

Johnson Creek

The Usage Kings intentionally lost 24 games last month.

NEWSPAPER STYLE RECAP FOR 2017 EL Preseason                    Date: 10/1/2017


2017 RRK  91  69    J.Votto   RRK .346  K.Davis   PUN   59  M.Trumbo  RRK  132

2017 MON  90  70    D.Murphy  VAT .340  M.Trumbo  RRK   48  K.Davis   PUN  119

2017 VAT  87  73    T.Turner  ABB .338  T.Frazier LON   42  K.Bryant  MON  115

2017 FLO  79  81    D.Lemahie RRK .337  G.Polanco JCK   38  Y.Cespede VAT  107

2017 HOL  68  92    A.Rizzo   HOL .330  J.Pederso HKW   37  A.Rizzo   HOL  107

2017 WHL  64  96

                   WINS                SAVES               ERA

2017 HKW  90  70    M.Scherze BAY   21  M.Melanco ABB   36  G.Gonzale VAT 2.43

2017 LON  89  71    J.Arrieta LON   18  A.Chapman HKW   35  J.Cueto   PUN 2.56

2017 PUN  84  76    I.Kennedy ABB   16  K.Jansen  FLO   32  J.Happ    HOL 2.72

2017 ABB  84  76    J.Cueto   PUN   16  C.Kimbrel LON   30  K.Hendric ABB 2.79

2017 BAY  74  86    OTHERS TIED W   15  H.Neris   MON   30  N.Synderg RRK 2.83

2017 JCK  60 100

                   CUR HIT STREAK      STOLEN BASES        STRIKEOUTS

                   J.Altuve  MON    9  T.Turner  ABB   57  M.Scherze BAY  371

                   F.Freeman HKW    8  J.Segura  ABB   54  J.Fernand VAT  271

                   OTHERS TIED W    7  B.Hamilto ABB   47  M.Bumgarn FLO  252

                                       J.Altuve  MON   35  F.Liriano BAY  235

                                       C.Maybin  JCK   33  J.Arrieta LON  213



K.Bryant      MON .375 40 15 15  3  5  B.Treinen     MON  6  1  0  0  5  0 100

M.Upton Jr    ABB .333 42 14 11  2  7  J.Cueto       PUN  9  4  0  2  8  0 100

M.Trumbo      RRK .361 36 13 12  6  4  J.Happ        HOL  9  5  0  1  7  0 100

R.Martin      MON .273 33  9  7  7  4  D.Phelps      ABB 15 10  3  3 21  0 200

J.Lucroy      LON .415 41 17 12  3  4  H.Neris       MON  6  3  0  1  5  0 003



J.Gyorko      BAY .077 39  3  2  3  0  J.Cosart      HKW  5  9  6  3  1  3 010

J.Mercer      LON .167 36  6  2  2  0  P.Corbin      FLO 11 15 11  6  9  4 020

Y.Alonso      MON .171 35  6  0  4  0  S.Matz        LON  8 14  8  1 10  2 010

A.Gonzalez    FLO .233 43 10  2  1  0  Z.Davies      WHL 10 11 10  4 10  1 020

B.Phillips    LON .167 42  7  3  3  0  T.Roark       HKW  7  8  7  3  2  1 010


No injuries to report