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In the West, Vatican City blasts by the Rockers to be the first team to 30 wins. In the East, Avilla Beach is laying low, and the strategy works as they float to the top of the division.


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Hello! And welcome to a new season of the Empire League. What’s happening, you ask? Well, read on:


Avila Beach

The Bums, who finished 11th overall last year, come out of April as the number 1 team in the league. This team could be the 2001 Seattle Mariners re-incarnated: high average hitters, good defense, not a lot of power. If the pitching can hold up, it will be an exciting team: J Reddick hit .382 last month with 16 runs and 17 rbi; J Peraza hit .333 and scored 13 runs with 14 rbi; B Belt hit .329 with 3 homeruns to lead the team, and had 18 rbi. The team lead the league with a .289 ave, and could get better if Trea Turner (.250) gets his bat going. I Kennedy was perfect with a 4-0 record and 1.71 era; K Hendricks was 2-0 with a 2.93 era. With 31 stolen bases in the first 20 games, this team will be creating havoc all year long.


The Truckers are still going strong: the team finished last year in the number 2 spot, and open this season in the #2 spot. Of course, the team’s .278 batting ave is good for 2nd in the league, and the 3.45 team era is not too shabby either. Longmeadow scored 117 runs, best in the league, as M Cabrera hit .354 with 8 homeruns and 23 rbi; the rookie R Schimpf surprised everyone by batting .340 with 7 homeruns and 13 rbi (who knew the kid had it in him?); S Piscotty hit .324 with 13 runs, but D Fowler hit only .213 (but he did score 17 runs!).  Lefties ruled as C Hamels was 2-1 with a 2.89 era, and S Matz was 2-0 with a 3.20 era. J Arrieta was human, going 2-1 with a 3.81 era. H Rondon was 3-0 with a 1.06 era in relief.  Longmeadow lead the league with 36 homeruns last month. Longmeadow also had more strikeouts than innings pitched last month.


Although the team’s .242 batting ave is not very pretty, the Rockers were 2nd in the league in team era, and 2nd in homers with 34. B Colon paced the team with a 3-0 record, 3.51 era, and the old man got help from J Lester, who went 3-0 on his own with a 3.81 era. The staff collected 191 K’s in 191 innings thrown, and if they keep that up it’ll be hard to put up crooked numbers on this staff. They’ll snuff out any prolonged rally. D Lemahieu hit .316 with 10 runs and 8 rbi; J Turner hit .407 in limited action, scoring 13 runs to go along with 5 doubles, 6 homeruns and 18 rbi; M Kemp hit .321 but only had 5 rbi, and scored just 9 runs. J Votto hit .292 with 13 rubs and 8 rbi. S Oh, even with 6 saves, got roughed up a bit as he went 0-2 with a 3.86 era.

Vatican City

The reigning Champions hit just .233 as a team, but a 3.34 team era was enough to propel the Cardinals into 4th place. Vatican City was the third of 4 teams that had more strikeouts than innings pitched last month, as the young power arms are making themselves known in the league. J Fernandez (RIP) went 3-0 with a microscopic 0.71 era. G Gonzalaz was just 2-2 with a 2.57 era, as the lack of offense caught up with him, and J DeGrom was 2-2 with a 3.00 era. Y Cespedes hit .294 with 12 rbi, and N Arenado was human as he hit .278 and scored 15 runs. D Murphy was quiet with a .270 ave to go along with his 10 runs and 13 rbi. If the hitting can wake up a little more, then this team be in a good position to once again go deep into the playoffs.


The Swingers lead the league in team era with a nifty 2.40 mark, but a lousy .229 team batting ave once again doomed Hollywood, just like last season. The team also hit the second lowest amount of homeruns, so runs were hard to come by last month. J Lackey was 3-1 with a 2.51 era; M Estrada was 2-1 with a 1.89 era; and A Desclafani served up 5 homeruns in just 18 innings, but even he finished with a nice 2.95 era, while going to a 1-2 record. C Seager hit .321 and scored 12 runs; J Lamb hit 5 homers and had 11 rbi with a .254 ave, and that was just about it for an offense. A Rizzo hit a pedestrian .246 to score 14 runs, but to Hollywood fans he looks likr Ted Williams after last season, when he batted .234 for the entire year.

Hell's Kitchen

The Westies are the last of the teams to have a winning record last month, and like Hollywood, Hell’s Kitchen had some rough spots last month. The .266 team batting ave was good enough for 3rd place in the league, and the team did lead the league with 48 doubles. A lot of that was F Freeman, who was outstanding as he hit .366 with 17 runs, 10 doubles, 6 homeruns, and 20 rbi (Joining M Cabrera as the league’s only 20+ rbi men last month). A Russell chiped in with 7 homeruns and had 15 rbi, while B Harper hit .266 and scored 16 runs with 11 rbi. The pitching was a little wobbly, though: T Roark was solid with a 2-1 record and 2.86 era; but E Sanatana had a 2-2 record and 4.26 era. T Chatwood made the best out of his 4.30 era by going 2-0 last month. J Guerra was 2-1 with a 5.82 era. Topping it off, A Chapman collected 5 saves, but was 0-2 with a 9.009 era. The fioreballer gave up 7 hits and 3 walks in 7 April innings. That pretty much is his quota, so he’ll be lights out for the rest of the year.


The Groundhogs had the 4th best team batting average, and the 6th best team era, so that puts them smack dab in the middle with a 10-10 record. A Beltre was great as usual, hitting .369 with 12 runs and 10 rbi; M Ozuna anchored the lineup as he hit .357 with 10 runs, 8 homers, and 17 rbi. R Braun hit .310, but K Davis hit just .208 with 6 homeruns and 11 rbi. S Miller started off strong, going 3-1 with a 3.71 era; J Shields managed a 2-1 record with a not-so-good 5.20 era; and J Eickoff was not much better with a 1-2 record and 4.13 era. J Cueto had trouble notching a win: he had 4 starts with a 1.50 era in 30 innings, but only had a 1-0 record for the month. And that one win was a complete game shut-out. Looks like the offense takes the day off when he pitches.


The Expos hit .249, 5th best in the league, but the staff’s 4.35 era kept them at .500 for the month. J Nelson had a horrible month, going 0-4 with a 9.61 era, while RA Dickey wasn’t much better with an 0-1 record and 6.26 era. B Treinan off set them by going 3-0 with a nice 3.44 era in relief. J Altuve hit .329 with 7 runs and 14 rbi, and C Yellich also had 14 rbi as he hit .271 with 5 homeruns. O Herrera hit .302 with 12 runs scored. But Y Alonso hit just .194, and K Bryant batted just .224. Bryant did score 10 runs and had 9 rbi.  If Bryant can get his bat going, the Expos could rise up through the ranks quickly.


The Windburns had the third best team era (3.22) but only went 8-12! What happened? Hot pitching and cold bats frustrated the fans as the team hit just .222 for the month. The veteran J Upton was awful as he hit .136, and super rookie D Dahl did not live up to his billing as he hit .197. S Gennett hit just .200. The only regular who had some good production was J Realmuto, who hit .288, but could only score 7 runs as no one could hit behind him. This is the reason C Kershaw was just 1-2 with a nice 3.08 era, but at least Z Greinke was 2-1 with his 2.45 era. M Leake was 1-2 with a 4.50 era, and J Blanton was a mess in the bullpen, as he was 0-3 with a 4.50 era last month. The pitching, with the three headed monster of Kershaw-Hill-Bumgardner will always be strong, but can the hitters help out at all?

Woodland Hills

The Chompers .220 team batting ave was 2nd to last, and their 5.51 team was the worst as the team started off 2017 much like where they left off 2016. J Samardzija was 0-2 with a 7.27 era; M Garza was 2-2 with a 6.85 era; A Wainwright 0-2 with a 6.26 era; and T Adleman was 1-3 with a 4.94 era. At least J Papplebon had 4 saves in 5 appearances, so it looks like this kid is a keeper! W Ramos, the best player on the team and most likely-hopefully to get traded, hit .349 but only had 8 runs and 8 rbi. S Marte looks poised for a great year as he hit .300 with 10 runs. J Harrison batted .132 with, and W Myers .167. Myers has too good of a card to be doing that, so once his bat heats up, and if Ramos sticks around, the team will be better. Oh, forgot about that pitching staff, thoyugh. Are they really that bad?

Johnson Creek

The Usage Kings had the league’s worst offense with a horrible .193 team batting ave, scoring just 48 runs and hitting only 14 homeruns in 20 games, both league lows. The team era was not the worst, with a 5.20 effort, but the team gave up 28 homeruns. The interesting thing is that ABB gave up the same amount of homeruns, but instead of going 15-5 like ABB did, the Kings went 5-15. W Peralta somehow managed 2 wins, going 2-2 with a ghastly 9.87 era; S Kazmir was 0-3 with a 5.73 era, C Kuhl was definitely un-cool as he was 0-2 with a 5.14 era. C Wen was kind of respectable, going 1-3 with a reasonable 3.38 era. The Masters of Futility, Vol 2, which is the Usage King offense was “highlighted” by J Werth, who hit .129 with 2 rbi; S Castro had 9 rbi with a .182 batting ave; and J Villar, the infusion of youth from a big draft, got off to a bad start as he hit .182 with 10 runs. J Bour showed some life as he hit 3 homeruns with a .294 ave; and G Polanco muddled along with a .250 ave with 6 runs and 6 rbi.


The Saints had an uncharacteristic 5.38 team era, as the staff gave up a league leading 38 homeruns. The starters gave up 25 of the 38 as M Moore was 2-2 with a 6.49 era; J Hammels was 0-2 with a 5.48 era; I Nova was 0-2, 5.32 era; and M Scherzer was 1-3 with a 4.39 era. Bayou had a respectable team batting ave with a .247 mark, but some of the big guns were absent. P Goldschmidt hit just .233 with 2 homeruns and 8 rbi; and A McCutchen hit just .190 with 7 rbi. Y Grandal had 5 homeruns to lead the team, but had just 11 rbi. D Gregorious started the season strong, as he hit .358 but scored just 9 runs as no one could drive him in. C Hernandez helped a bit, as the unheralded 2baseman hit .274 with 5 stolen bases, 9 runs and 9 rbi. It will be interesting to see if this last month was an aberration, or will the Saints take up residence here in the League’s cellar.

NEWSPAPER STYLE RECAP FOR 2017 EL MAY Playball -PUN            Date: 5/31/2017


2017 VAT  30  15    A.Beltre  PUN .346  R.Schimpf LON   15  M.Cabrera LON   40

2017 RRK  28  22    J.Reddick ABB .337  M.Cabrera LON   12  J.Turner  RRK   38

2017 FLO  21  19    J.Turner  RRK .329  J.Turner  RRK   12  J.Altuve  MON   33

2017 MON  23  27    A.Rendon  ABB .322  E.Gattis  RRK   12  F.Freeman HKW   32

2017 HOL  16  24    D.Lemahie RRK .320  M.Ozuna   PUN   11  E.Gattis  RRK   29

2017 WHL  12  23

                   WINS                SAVES               ERA

2017 ABB  19  11    J.Fernand VAT    8  K.Jansen  FLO   14  J.Fernand VAT 1.39

2017 LON  27  18    J.Guerra  HKW    6  A.Chapman HKW   12  J.Cueto   PUN 1.69

2017 HKW  27  18    V.Velasqu MON    6  C.Kimbrel LON   10  C.Kershaw FLO 1.82

2017 PUN  14  16    J.Lester  RRK    6  J.Familia VAT    8  R.Hill    FLO 2.16

2017 BAY  13  22    B.Colon   RRK    6  S.Oh      RRK    8  J.Degrom  VAT 2.70

2017 JCK  10  25

                   CUR HIT STREAK      STOLEN BASES        STRIKEOUTS

                   A.Beltre  PUN   11  T.Jankows PUN   18  J.Fernand VAT   83

                   T.Barnhar RRK   11  D.Gordon  HOL   14  J.Lester  RRK   80

                   D.Gordon  HOL    8  T.Turner  ABB   13  V.Velasqu MON   72

                   T.Turner  ABB    7  S.Marte   WHL   13  N.Synderg RRK   70

                   OTHERS TIED W    6  J.Villar  JCK   11  M.Scherze BAY   69




M.Trumbo      RRK .346 26  9  7  6  4  B.Treinen     MON  6  2  0  1  6  0 001

M.Kemp        RRK .400 25 10  7  1  1  S.Matz        LON 13  8  1  0 13  0 100

J.Turner      RRK .306 36 11  5  2  2  K.Jansen      FLO  6  1  1  1 13  1 111

T.Barnhart    RRK .357 28 10  7  2  0  J.Lester      RRK 20 15  5 10 16  1 100

J.Altuve      MON .350 40 14  5  2  1  N.Syndergaard RRK 13  8  3  1 17  2 100



A.Russell     HKW .121 33  4  1  1  0  J.Garcia      LON 11 21 11  3 12  2 020

J.Baez        HKW .147 34  5  2  1  0  M.Leake       FLO  5  9  6  2  6  1 010

A.Escobar     LON .172 29  5  1  2  0  B.Colon       RRK 10 14  9  4  5  2 020

S.Piscotty    LON .147 34  5  2  3  0  D.Pomeranz    VAT  6  6  5  5  6  2 010

C.Yelich      MON .211 38  8  0  4  0  Z.Greinke     FLO  5  5  4  0  4  2 010


No injuries to report